The Standards and Guidelines

Technical Skills - Creative Artistry - Business Professionalism

All photographers applying for membership must demonstrate exceptional skill, originality and creativity, and professionalism in their respective field of photography.

All photographers must meet, and certify to, professional standards in connection with their ongoing membership.  Photographers must continue to abide by those standards, to retain active membership status and ongoing inclusion in any website, publication, or event.  We welcome all positive and negative emails relating to any member.  Only an active members following all guidelines may display ANY association logo.

ALL standards must be upheld throughout their association membership with members, as a requirement for admission to and retention of membership, certify the following:

  • I am a professional photographer and will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise. I will always treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients should they arise. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • I will always treat fellow photographers respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts should the arise. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • I personally took the photograph(s), own all copyrights to any images I submit to the International Association of Newborn Photographers. Further, I certify that I have created, composed the original text for any post submitted. I have read and understand the rules for submission. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • I have and will continue to fulfill all the Licensing and Regulatory Requirements for qualification to Do Business in my state/province and country as a professional photographer. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • I have no outstanding complaints with consumer protection organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP
  • I will maintain up to date skills and business practices each year. MUST BE CHECKED FOR MEMBERSHIP

If you have any comments about any member of our association feel free to leave a message below!  We welcome all reviews.


All photographers must continue to maintain the integrity and strong reputation of our association.  Striving for excellence in photography is a requirement and part professionalism in your job – we demand it from our members.