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Is your Newborn Photographer CERTIFIED?


Hire a Certified Newborn Photographer!

With more affordable cameras than ever before the ability to become a “Professional” Newborn Photographer is easier than ever before.   The most important thing you can do when hiring anyone is to do your research. You should look for an experienced, CERTIFIED, and reliable professional when hiring a newborn photographer. Newborn photography is a specialized area of photography — it requires a different approach than some traditional portrait photography. Before you commit to a Newborn Photographer, we recommend that you narrow the field of potential certified newborn photographers in your area by determining the factors important to you.  Be sure to hire a Certified Newborn Photographer!

PhotographyAssociation.com is strictly an acceptance based Professional Photography Association – To that end, photographers must meet The Associations Technical Skills Expectations – Creative Artistry Expectations – Business Professionalism Expectation.

After an Association Portfolio Review, All Photographers Listed in our Directories Certify: 

1) They will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise; 

2) They will produce consistently high quality images; 

3) They will follow all Licensing and Regulatory Requirements;

4) They will treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients.

5) They have no outstanding complaints with consumer protection organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

6)  They will maintain up to date skills and business practices each year. 

7)  They will take all steps to ensure client safety

Is your Newborn Photographer CERTIFIED?

MOM Be sure to Hire a Certified Newborn Photographer in 2017!

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